Martes, Setyembre 11, 2012

Famous festival in Philippines


 every january 9 we celebrate the feast of the black nazarene.

this festival centers the image of the black nazarene
which is transported to galleon from mexico to manila in the 17th century. many devotee filipinos believe that black nazarene makes miracle so they carry a white towel and wipe it to the body of black nazarene.

on january 16-22 kalibo , aklan celebrate the ati-atihan festival

 one of the most popular festival in the philippines. this festival is a celebration in honor of the sto. nino.
their costume is so refreshing in the eyes, very colorful and fun to watch that you would find your body dancing along the loud music.

sinulog festival celebrate every third weekend of january in cebu city  

this festival celebrate the feast of sto. nino, street dancing competition and fluvial parade. this festival is much like the ati-atihan. their costume are very colorful and their dance are entertaining. so if you haven't seen this in your own eyes you should go to cebu to witness this wonderful festival.

the dinagyang festival celebrate every fourth weekend of january in Iloilo city

this festival is a religious and cultural festival celebrate in Iloilo city. it is a festival that celebrate the honor of sto. nino. like the other festival here in philippines this is also entertaining with their wonderful and colorful costume.

philippines has many festival but these are the most famous and most attended by people. it is fun to watch with a colorful costume and dance performance. 

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