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philippine landmarks

          philippine has many famous landmarks that you could visit everytime. philippines have maria cristina falls in iligan city mindanao, mayon volcano in legazpi city, pagsanjan falls in laguna, puerto princesa subterranean river national park in palawan, tagaytay highlands in tagaytay, tubbataha reef in palawan and many more. feel the beauty of the philippines.

banaue rice terraces located in ifugao province. its 2000 years old terraces that curved into the mountain of ifugao made by ancestors of indigenous people here in the philippines. it is 1500 meters about 5000 ft above sea levels and cover 10,360 square kilometers. you can visit this landmark anytime and also visit the tribes at the foot of terraces. the tribe in the terraces also perform spiritual healing rituals.

vigan is one of the historic place in the philippines. it is know for the cobblestone street. the design of the houses is like a colonial european architecture. if you go to vigan you can feel like you're back in ancient time because of the unique structure of the houses in vigan.

the subterranean river or known for underground river in puerto princesa palawan is listed as one of the new 7 wonders of the nature. geologists discovered that the underground river has a second floor, that means there are small waterfalls inside the cave. it has incredible rock formation, many bats inside the cave, a deep water hole in the river and marine creatures.

the chocolate hills in bohol, there are 1,260 hills spread in the area of more than 50 square kilometer. the hills are covered of green grass and it will turn brown during the dry season.

the paoay church is one of the philippine old church, it is build in 1710. the church is famous for its distinct architecture. feel the ancient time when you go to paoay church. find your peace of mind in this place and pray deeply to your wishes. 

so that's my top 5 philippine landmark ^^
visit philippines and have fun visiting our country feel the beauty and the culture of filipino.

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