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Philippine beliefs and superstition


many beliefs and superstition have grown in number throughout the various provinces in the country.
beliefs and superstition are part of philippine culture

here are some of the filipino beliefs and superstition:

*sleeping after taking the bath will result into blindness.

*when you are sleeping while your hair is wet it you will become crazy and blind.

*don't take a bath at night or else you will have anemia or low blood pressure.

*they said that sore eyes can be cured the eyes with the first urine in the morning.

*women with wide hips will bear many children.

*a bride should not try or wear her wedding dress before the wedding or else her wedding will be cancel.

*they said that if you suddenly see a black cat something bad will happen.

*do not take a picture with only three people or else the middle one will die.

*if you have a dream that your tooth fall out it means that your family member will die.

*for girls, during the first period of your menstruation they said you must step in the stair so your menstruation will last in 3 days. and wipe the blood on your face so you will not have a pimples.

*if you have an "agimat" or what you called lucky charm in english it will bring good health, money,protect you from deadly weapon and gives you power.(just like the picture above)

as a filipino i will say i believe atleast 30-40% out of 100% :D
there are many beliefs and superstition of filipinos but i don't wanna write them all.
i just wrote what i know.
nothing wrong nor bad will happen if you try to believe in it. but i will say if you take care your health very well and pray to god everyday then there's nothing to be worry about.

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